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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Request by my friend

May be i should write in English sometime, coz my friend is not only Malaysian. Some of them can't understand malay words. Heheheh..Unfortunately, my English is not good as others. Feel shy a little bit to wrote it in this language.

i wrote this blog to save important msg that i received, share an important knowlegde with others. may be this one can be one of my effort to sharing knowledge with other people. But, those who can't read Malay, don't understand what content in my blog. And my intention to sharing good knowledge to other people not achieve.

As English is an international languange( feel sad coz Malay language once become a Lingua Franca among ASEAN long-long time ago, but now it seems like Malay Language is little bit seem by people as not important anymore), like or dislike we should at least know the usage, understand it too :). Wonder why my father can speak fluent English and Siamese but us, all his daughter can't. heheheh..

To you who can't read Malay, i hope u understand this post today. :)
posted by Mirip at 1:33 PM


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