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Thursday, January 13, 2005

What type a girl are you.

You are a Career Girl!

You may not be a CEO yet, but you're well on your way to success.
You take your career seriously, and you wouldn't stop working for any guy!
An independent woman, you pay for your own car, clothes, and housing.
And men appreciate that - at least, the ones as driven as you are.

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(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance. ke...?ntah le..
Independent tu betul la kot, sbb aku mmg tak suka terlalu bergantung to other peoples.
Hey you, remembered my junior bro said about this .

Sebenarnya, bukan apa ..aku mmg dari dulu mcm ni. Kalau aku nak buat sesuatu pun bukan sbb atas desakan sesiapa. n kalau org desak aku pun, tp kalau aku tak nak buat.. aku tak buat jugak..i am a "stubborn" girl...kekekke.. tp tgk keadaan jugak kot..
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