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Friday, March 11, 2005

Little Stuart 2

too bz nowadays..
fortunately i have my little sweetheart who can make my day..:)
nowadays,she was always request for me to open the LITTLE STUART 2 cd, everytime we were at home, that is the only things she want to do.. yes, play again and again the cd, till morining until night.. then we (other than this little sweetheart) can't see other movies,.. huhu...

but the best part is, she can see the mouse,the bird Mangalo, George which he called "Abang" without disturbing me doing my works..(sometimes only, but most of the time, she wanted me to be there beside her, even i can remembered all the words in the film already);...

uh, that is the hardship of being a mummy to bring up the children until at least 5 years.. kekekkk.. but anyway i love her soo much..of course..

don't want to talk about work, coz it is the peak of bz day..(and i still can write here to release my tension..:))

see you at home my little sweetheart!!!
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