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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

work work work

ya Allah
Aku dah kembali workaholic
Makin lama aku kerja
Makin banyak benda aku tak tahu
dan aku perlu tahu :)

yeahh.. knowledge searching never end

this week is very hectic to me . very much appreciated to those who help me to solve this case. u gain lots of knowledge when something bad happened. :( (really? , but don't happened again ...plsss )

my brain was very tired,....but my mission is to complete my 1000 puzzles by the end of this week. i have to do it lonely since the other don't know where to start at... it's ok it's alright... just wait and see...hehhehe

ok byebyebye...c u later..
posted by Mirip at 5:39 PM


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