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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

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Coping with technology is not easy, each and every seconds technology changed.
So what have you done in order to cope with that?
You have to be change also! :P

Writting is another skills that you people should learn.(me myself :) ). How to express, and how to convince in words is another thing.With some proof, statistic may be.
Some people can write longer but the contents there is not achieve what other people needs. I learn a lot today..yes, some people said she is weird, too complicated but for me, i learn a lot from her even i just met her once. Yeh, again, perception people different from one to another.

It seems i'm going addicted to OSHIN series nowadays. Feeling like Oshin is part of my life .:) i was searching the CD all over famous video stores, but still not found them , yet. But i will continue my searching... may be i will be just wasting my valuable money, just to buy this set of CD, emm but the value inside the story is much more than that.. especially for my kids, and my grandchildren... and not to forget, me too :)
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