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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Belasah aje

He was looking at me, smile. And i smiling back to him. Location: Lift. Period : 1 minutes.

"Hey, how are you?" he said. Argghh dia cakap mat salleh.
"Ok i'm fine, thank you."
"Where are you going?"
"Back to my office, there," i said as my hand showed the location to him at the same time.(as if he doesn't know where is xx)
"Then why you are here?"
"Jarang2 sekali je datang sini."
"Yup, then why you are in here?"

.. i smiling till the ears. My hand at my mouth. He was laughing at me.
"ops.. suppose to go down, ok tak pe, tak tengok lif tadi."
"that's why i said why you are in here."
"you are here?" i asked him back.
"yes. Ok bye"

Conversation with my old classmate when we were 18.Still young. 11 years running as quickly as PutraLRT. The differences is he is now positioned as Manager and i still as previously. Heheheh.. Very slow as katak puru of me.

Then yesterday, when i went to Palestin talk by wife of Assyahid Dr Rantissi. Someone smile at me and i smiling back to him. Conversation took place while we are both walk in crossly.

"Hi yyyy, lama tak nampak?"
"A'aah menyepi diri sikit"

Both laughing and both continue walk to our destination-our own path. Period : 1 minute. Last we are together in the same group was 8 years ago. Then i still remember something. He was a good friend and acting as elder brother. He was now AGM while i still as previously. Hahahaharuuunn.. Very slow as komuter of me.

But then, they are all very talented. They are supposed to become what they are today. And i, i am happy with what i am doing right now. A bit slower than them, since i myself start finding what i want to do in life at this age. Very poor of me, huh. But again i am happy with it.

This weekend, i will meet my old primary schoolmates. At the same day at different places. Both of them are my close friend when we are small. Kecik beleh. One now become Service Engineer and one is IT Engineer. Now, i am in contact again with my chilhood teammates. One have already married with twin kids while my regular customer (in my primary school) still doesn't find his soulmate yet.

Actually what a funny thing is i can't remember what kind of things that i sold to my friends previously. But being a customer, they remembered. Then i smile, big smiling. Since i myself doesn't know that i am already become a trader when i am standard 1. Then, that's why i am not become at the higher position in what i am doing today, because what i am doing now is not what i am happy. I am doing not with all my heart. I am doing what i'm not supposed to do. But then now, i know. InsyaAllah. I find the light. Hopefully the light is for me. At this time and at this phase of new life. I want to do what i like to do. To the best of my clients. Giving my service to them is a great pleasure for me. Sending cheque to them makes my bottom of my heart smiling. As i can help them when they are inneed. It doesn't matter although i also find someone who looks/act at me as if i am a beggar. May be. But its ok. Whatever they think of me, is not a big deal for me. Since if anything happened to them also doesn't link to my life anyway.

All this make me learn more about life. That not all have the same attitude and perception. I love it. I love to analyse people than analyse system.
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